Criteria for the AHECS Strategic Innovation Award

Who the Award is for AHECS member services. Who we are seeking nominations from member services who can show the effective design or redesign of the way in which a service is delivered in order to adapt to changes and/or meet new demands, whether institutional, regional or sector-wide. This can also include incorporating the use of new technologies. Judges will be looking for qualitative and quantitative evidence against the criteria below:
  • Demonstrable innovation in order to achieve better outcomes or make better use of resources (6 points)
  • Positive outcomes/impact for stakeholders and/or HE careers and employability sector (including stakeholder feedback, eg quotes) (5 points)
  • Demonstrable evidence of creating value to the organisation and/or sector that extends beyond expected timescales, initial aims and objectives (5 points)
  • Establishing and sharing best practice to ensure high standards or service delivery to stakeholders (2 points)
  • Effective collaboration and partnership, whether working within the group, service or across the sector (2 points)

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