Executive Board

AHECS Executive Board of Directors 2020-2022:

The Executive Board has a responsibility for the operational running of the Association, reporting annually to the Heads of Service.

The Executive Board is elected by the Heads of Service, meets monthly and is currently comprised of the following members:

Gavin Connell UL and Trevor Johnston QUB (Co-Chairs)

Catherine Staunton DKIT – Treasurer

David Foster UCD

Dave Kilmartin TUD

Angela Collins WIT

Caroline Kennedy NCI


To lead and support collaboration among Higher Education Careers Service professionals throughout Ireland and be the recognised authority on graduate employability, Placement and Career Development Learning


The Strategic Objectives and Priorities for 2020 – 22 are as follows:

  1. To engage, support and communicate with the membership on a regular basis through the AHEC’s website, regular newsletters, events and social media.


  • Increased Heads of Service online meetings (3 per year)
  • Lunch n Learn Series delivered by members for members
  • At least 2 all member update meetings per year
  • Monthly Connect Newsletter to members
  1. To support resource development and sharing of information resources and tools amongst AHECS Member Career Services.


  • Focus on Technologies and developing national agreements with suppliers
  • Data Informed Practice Working Group to be established
  1. To provide opportunities to new and existing members Continual Professional Development to ensure the highest standards of delivery.


  • Source and offer appropriate certifications for members
  • Lunch n Learn Series delivered by members for members
  1. To identify and promote best practice within a range of areas aligned to the changing needs of members and the changing context of Careers Services.


  • Annual Employer Survey and dissemination of results
  • Appropriate Communities of Practice developed
  1. To develop a consistent brand to support external advocacy and to be the recognised authority on graduate employability, career development learning, placements and internships advocating at a government and policy level, both national and international.


  • Website redevelopment and continual update
  • Rebranding and roll out of new brand.
  • Advocacy role with key influencers

Our Executive Board

Trevor Johnston

Co Chair AHECS Executive Board

Queens University, Belfast


Gavin Connell

Co Chair AHECS Executive Board

University of Limerick


Caroline Kennedy

Executive Board Member and Communications Officer

National College of Ireland


Angela Collins

Executive Board Member

Waterford IT


Catherine Staunton

Executive Board Member and Treasurer

Dundalk IT


David Foster

Executive Board Member

University College Dublin


David Kilmartin

Executive Board Member

TU Dublin


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