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The Association of Higher Education Careers Services (AHECS) is the professional association of careers advisory and placement professionals in higher education in Ireland.

What We Do

The Association of Higher Education Careers Services also known as AHECS is a recognised authority on graduate career development, learning and employability. Together with third level careers services support 180,000 students studying in the higher education sector – 50,000 of whom are preparing for graduation. Included among our members are 25 Universities, Higher Education Institutes and Institutes of Technology. AHECS is in partnership with Group GTI and gradireland, whose products and services engage with students and graduates through publications, digital content and events, AHECS seeks to ensure the credibility and accuracy of their products and services as well as support for and promotion of these products/ services to students and graduates nationwide through our careers services.

AHECS’ mission is to lead, support and facilitate collaboration among higher education careers services throughout Ireland.

Executive Board: Our Executive Board is comprised of members from throughout Ireland. The executive board rotates on a biennial basis with the chair and the members rotating. This is to encourage new members to join the executive board and to ensure the association is constantly fostering new ideas and development.

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