Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The CPD Sub Group, chaired by a Head of Service (currently Yvonne McLoughlin, DCU), is committed to continuing professional development and the promotion of best practice for higher education careers advisory and graduate employment professionals in Ireland, including Careers Guidance, Information and Advice, Internships and Work Placement, Employer Engagement and Administrative Support

The Group is responsible for delivering training/certification courses and seminars to its members and providing financial assistance in the form of bursaries to members who pursue additional qualifications related to their profession.

Myers Briggs (2016) – 22 Certifications representing 10 HEI’s

EQ-i Emotional Intelligence (2017) –18 Certifications representing 11 HEI’s

Strengths Profile Accreditation (2018) –27 Certifications representing 14 HEI’s

Coaching Certification(2019) – 22 Certifications representing 10 HEI’s

NLP Accreditation (2021) – 35 Certifications representing 12 HEI’s

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