Dear Members,


The AHECS Professional Development Task Group is committed to the continuing professional development and the promotion of best practice in the careers advisory profession. The group does this by delivering training courses and seminars to its members and in the provision of financial assistance in the form of bursaries to members who pursue additional qualifications related to their profession.

We would appreciate you completing the online survey to help us build a profile of members and their professional requirements into the future.

Dear Members,


We wish to advise we are putting a call out to apply for the AHECS Bursary 2019. 

Please complete the online application form by close of business on Friday 26th April 2019




Please note timelines below:




21st March 2019: Bursary Call to all members

26th April 2019: Deadline for Bursary application submissions. 5 pm sharp

10th May 2019: Successful Candidates will receive a confirmation email

27th September 2019: Deadline to draw down the awarded Bursary.