Strategic Plan

AHECS – Strategic Plan for Executive 2017

Mission & Objectives:
Information and Resource Development

We will support the development and sharing of information resources and tools amongst members. To achieve this we will

  • Conduct and cost a feasibility study to upgrade careers report (25th June meeting)
  • Support the development and sharing of a series of “career pathways into…” a specified range of career options ID potential info office to project manage.
  • Work in partnership with other interested bodies and agencies with a view to developing a labour market portal and/or resource.
  • Expand recent employability resource via training and development.
  • Liaise with Gradireland re Targetconnect Roadshow

Develop Resource: International Students / International Mobility - “Internships & International Mobility for Postgraduate Research Students”

Develop Resource: International Students / International Mobility - “Careers Provision for Doctoral Students- a survey of National and International Institutions”

SMEs - Resource Pack (online) for students.  Guide for HEIs  engaging with SMEs / Start-ups and how to support entrepreneurial students. Guide for SMEs on engaging with HEIs.

Replacement for Careers Report

Sharing of a series of resources; "Career pathways into…” info provided by NUIM Information Officer.

Embedding employability - Pilot in HEIs  (next stage of employability project)

Erasmus Employability: Develop Module / Launch


To provide opportunities for members to up skill to ensure highest standards of delivery.

Develop a CPD Strategic Plan for the next 18 months which includes guidance practice, employer information, a new policy in relation to bursaries going to individuals for training and development, and work placement practice

Circulate Training Needs Analysis Survey to member service staff and collate data towards developing strategic plan

Develop/Circulate Benchmark survey to HOS

Develop Calendar of AHECS Events

CPD Strategic Plan - CPD group to liaise with Work Placement group with regards to providing information and training on work placement practice

CPD Strategic Plan - CPD group to liaise with Labour Market group with regards to employer information on new recruitment methodologies

Update the bursary process for AHECS & circulate bursary application forms to member service staff

SMEs - Training Event

'Impact of Work Placement on Employability' Event


Product Development & Engagement with Gradireland

Gradireland Awards:

We will:

  • Co-ordinate and run the annual AHECS Awards ceremony in conjunction with our partners in Gradireland

Partnership with GTI

We will:

  • Survey AHECS member services about what products they want. Product Development - what/who is current membership are members of new members required.  Group to tie into the Information & Resource Development objective. 

Internal & External Communications

  • Re-develop the AHECS website.
  • Advocacy through networking - Through our activities we will create and take opportunities to develop awareness of AHECS amongst policy and decision makers, and professional representative bodies
  • Communication - Keep members informed about the activities of Executive by updating the AHECS website regularly and communicating progress to Heads of Service
  • Communication - Develop a Social Media strategy
  • Membership Policy - Review the policy in respect of admitting new members to AHECS